FRUITOO, a spin-off of the CENTRO FRUTTA company owned by Gennaro Castaldo & Co., is pleased to offer innovative products with courteous, personal service.
FRUITOO takes pride in processing and packaging all of its produce directly inside the company strictly following national health regulations.
FRUITOO also puts together baskets, gift towers and boxes of exotic fruits or dried fruits, as well as packages of shelled nuts and chocolate-covered dried fruit and nuts.

Our Company
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CENTRO FRUTTA s.n.c was founded by the Castaldo brothers in 1982, following in the footsteps of their father Stefano’s 30 years of experience in the fruit sector, specializing in the handling, processing and storage of exotic and dried fruits.
CENTRO FRUTTA began its operations in via Nazionale 242 in Torre del Greco, where the warehouse was the headquarters for all handling and processing.
The Castaldo brothers, whose goal was to offer their customers the best service possible, opened a second point of sale in 1997 inside the fruit and vegetable market in viale Sardegna (Torre del Greco).
Fruit arrives daily in the warehouse in via Nazionale where it is selected and prepared for sale either at wholesale fruit and vegetable markets or directly to supermarkets, fruit retailers, grocery stores or restaurants. CENTRO FRUTTA deals mainly with exotic fruits such as bananas, pineapples, kiwis, mangos, papayas and avocados as well as dried fruits and canned or packaged fruits and nuts.
CENTRO FRUTTA uses its own means to deliver its produce to its customers located throughout the entire Campania region.
CENTRO FRUTTA stores, processes and sells to wholesalers its produce, which mainly come from countries outside the European Union.
The produce is shipped directly to the warehouse by reliable freight shippers using refrigerated trucks.Big Image
As soon as it arrives, the fresh produce is carefully checked to make sure that it has travelled under the right conditions and temperatures.
Once it has been approved, it is stored in temperature-controlled rooms according to product.
Bananas undergo a special process whereby they are transferred to warm-rooms so that they may ripen to the right point and be ready for sale.
Dried fruits are inspected upon arrival and are stored in a cool, dry area.
All produce is accurately checked by a biologist on the premises following company guidelines and regulations.